Saturday, December 11, 2010

KFC : BBQ Rods

Where to Buy : KFC
Price: 95 php ( meal )

KFC BBQ Rods was a great, it tastes very good together with the bbq sauce and java rice. The only problem is that the chicken bites are small, two order of this is still not enough for me. 

* update 10/18/11 - It's officially back!! I'm going to get some BBQ Rods!!! =D

Dunkin Donuts : Icy Coolers ( Grape )

Where to Buy: Dunkin Donuts
Price: ( I forgot )

Dunkin Donut's Icy Cooler is a great complement for any donut or breakfast sandwich, It is cheap and taste like those powdered drinks. I think they just mix powdered grape juice together with iced tea and they call it " Icy Coolers".

Dunkin Donuts : Ham and Cheese Bunwich

Where to Buy: Dunkin Donuts
Price: 38 php

Ham, Cheese and Bun, that is what the Dunkin Donuts compose of. I like the bun they used in their bunwich, it tastes great together with coffee or an icy cooler. Affordable breakfast for everyone to start the day right.

Cheese, Ham and Bun! That's It! =D

Yoshinoya : Green Iced Tea

Where To Buy: Yoshinoya Restaurant
Price: 30 php ( regular ) 35 php ( large )

Yoshinoya's Green Iced Tea is good, although their large size is not large enough. nuff said.

Yoshinoya : Jumbo Plate A ( Gyudon Beef and Chicken Teriyaki with Mixed Vegetables )

Where to Buy: Yoshinoya Restaurant
Price: 165 php

Jumbo Plate A of Yoshinoya is the only thing that I order because they have only a few items on their menu, you could even count their menu items using only your hand. The chicken teriyaki and the gyudon beef are just  so-so, they don't taste that great. The serving size is just right for one person but they say it is good for sharing. I prefer Tokyo Tokyo because they have more food items to choose from.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

KFC : Double Down

Where to Buy: KFC Fastfood Store
Price: 100php ( ala carte ) 115 ( w/ drink ) 135 ( sidings and drink )

Double Down! KFC newest sandwich that will make you crave for chicken everyday! this damn hard to get sandwich is almost always " sold out " in every KFC store in the metro. I got the chance to try it today and now I know why everybody wants a piece of this, two chicken fillet with cheese, bacon and mayo inside, if 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lan Zhou La Mien : Steamed Dumpling

Where to Buy: Lan Zhou La Mien ( Masangkay and Ongpin )
Price: 120 php

Lan Zhou La Mien sells only two things, noodles and dumplings, they have their own recipe for the noodles and dumplings. Currently I'm addicted to their steamed dumpling because it is very tasty and delicious, 15 pieces of mouth watering dumplings for the price of 120 php is cheap ( 8 pesos per dumpling ). Although I must warn you that their sauce for the dumplings kinda stink but still it is edible. hahaha =D

Jollibee : Jolly Hot Dog

Where to Buy: Jollibee Fast Food Store
Price: 42php ( ala carte )

Jollibee's Jolly Hot dog is a winner, it is one of their food item that stands out among other fast food restaurant, it is also affordable and the topping is just great ( cheese, mustard and ketchup ). The bun is soft a perfect compliment to the hot dog. They also have a regular hot dog which is plain hot dog and ketchup only. =D

Yummy Jolly Hot Dog waiting to be opened =D

Aloe Vera Juice

Where to Buy: Chinese Groceries ( Binondo Area )
Price: 55php ( 350ml ) 200php ( 1.5 Liter )

Little is known about this Aloe Vera Juice in the Philippines because you could only find it in selected Chinese groceries, It is a tasty and refreshing drink ( also good for the hair? I don't think so ).  Anyway when buying this bottled drink be sure to check the expiry date because some stores are still selling them even though it is already expired. =D

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kopi Roti : Kopi Bun

Where to Buy: Kopi Rotti
Price: 45php

When I first heard about expensive piece of flavored bread I thought it was a waste of money, but one time my officemate brought some of these in the office and I got to try one and it was really delicious! Kopi Bun is a coffee flavored bread with something inside ( i don't know what it is called ). The bread was really soft and fun to eat, but is it worth it? you bet it is! =D

McDonald's: Eight O'Clock Orange Juice

Where to Buy: McDonald's 
Price: 49php

McDonald's Orange Juice taste different than the powdered ones even though it is the same brand, its because their Orange Juice is in Syrup form and mixed with CO2 . I usually drink Orange Juice paired with McDonald's Sausage McMuffin with Egg or with their Pancakes. A great way to start the morning! =D

McDonald's: Apple Sprite Float

Where to Buy: McDonald's ( not available anymore )
Price: 25php

Sprite + Sundae + Green Apple Syrup = Apple Sprite Float

A nice refreshment on very hot day, affordable yet hip, I like apple  flavored drinks thats why when this was available in Mcdo I always order this. Too bad it is only seasonal... have to wait next year again if they will still sell this type of float.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Charlie's Grill & Grind : Fish and Chips

Where to Buy: Charlie's Grill & Grind ( 16 East Kapitolyo Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig )
Price: 220 php

The Fish and Chips of Charlie's is really awesome and affordable! it is served with a slice of lemon, tartar sauce and fries, this is way cheaper than Fish n Co's and tastier. One order of this huge Fish and Chips is enough to get you full, be sure to prepare your stomach when eating a delicious meal like this! two thumbs up! =D 

Sola : Lemon Iced Tea

sola lemon iced tea
Sola Lemon Iced Tea

Where to Buy: Grocery or Selected Restaurant 
Price: 32php ( Grocery )

Another Sola Iced Tea! This is the lemon flavor! I think it is pretty common that iced tea have the lemon flavor.  although personally I prefer the Sola Raspberry Iced Tea. Anyway this is Sola one of the Best Bottled Iced Tea in the Philippines! so try one now! it really is worth your money. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Charlie's Grill & Grind : Black Angus Beef Burger

Where to Buy: Charlie's Grill & Grind ( 16 East Kapitolyo Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig )
Price: 165 php

One of the Best Burgers that I have eaten in my life! =D Charlie's Grill & Grind really do know how to make a good fresh hand-crafted burgers! topped with a large tomato, cheese and lettuce! you can really taste the burger goodness in every bite.  It is so famous that even people from far away places visit Charlie's just to grab their best tasting burgers, every burger is freshly cooked before being

Wai Ying : Ha Gao ( Shrimp Dumpling )

Price: 60 php 

When eating in a Chinese restaurant I usually order Ha Gao or sometimes it is called Hakaw, this tiny dumpling with shrimp inside is so tasty. It is usually served with calamansi,  and is a great if paired with other dimsums or fried rice. Not all Chinese restaurant serve this kind of dumpling. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sola : Raspberry Iced Tea

Where to Buy: Grocery or Selected Restaurant 
Price: 32php ( Grocery )

This is the best bottled iced tea that I have ever tasted, before there were only few groceries that sells this kind of iced tea. The first time I saw this was on Yellow cab where they sell it for 45php I think? it is really a thirst quencher and you can easily get addicted to it, although it cost more than the other iced tea's available. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Starbucks : Heaven on Earth

Where to Buy: Starbucks ( selected store only )
Price: 130php

My favorite cake in Starbucks! the Heaven on Earth! this delicious multi-layered cake will make you come back for more, the top most layer is a chocolate layer with leaves design and followed by I think mocha? or something? haha it really really really tastes good even though it comes in small size. Not all Starbucks store have this cake ( I don't know why? ). 

Different Layers of Goodness!! I hope there is a bigger version of this!

Jollibee : Regular Yum

Where to Buy: Jollibee Fast Food Store
Price: 28 php

The cheapest burger of jollibee, the small brother of Champ. A simple bread with burger patty and thousand island dressing, it is the rival of McDonald's burger mcdo. I personally don't like Jollibee's burgers because the patty is kind of dry and the dressing does not taste that well. 

Not quite like the one shown in the advertisement right? hahaha

Saturday, October 16, 2010

El Buono: 35" Huge Celebrity Pizza

Where to Buy: El Buono 
Price: 1695 php

This is the Biggest Pizza that you can avail here in the Philippines! one pizza like this is good for 15 or more persons, just imagine that two delivery person is needed just to lift this huge pizza. After they

McDonald's: Big Mac

Where to Buy: obviously McDonald's Fast Food Restaurant
Price: 128 php ( meal )
          102 php ( ala carte )

Well I guess everyone already knows what a Big Mac is, its the double decker burger from McDonald's. I like eating Big Mac because of the sauce and the leafy lettuce even though it gets messy. You should know how to properly hold a Big Mac when eating one. 

The leafy lettuce goodness plus the cheese makes the Big Mac a very tasty burger.

Sun Goddess: Yang Chow Fried Rice

Where to Buy: Sun Goddess ( Benavidez st. Binondo Manila )
Price: 188php ( good for 4 person )

To all yang chow fried rice lovers this is one great and affordable fried rice, it is not bland and tasteless like wai ying's fried rice. This is so much better and the serving is huge as in HUGE, this is a must try if ever you had the chance to drop by benavidez. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Coke Zero

Where to Buy: Groceries, Restaurants and etc
Price: 20php ( Groceries )

The Zero Sugar and Zero Calorie Coke that tastes better than the Diet Coke, I like Coke Zero but nothing can really replace the original Coke even if it contains a lot of sugar and the very addictive caffeine.

want to learn more about Coke Zero? go here

Siomai House: Pork Siomai

Where to Buy: Almost Anywhere 
Price: 25php ( 4 pcs )

Siomai House is a food stall that serves pork siomai and gulaman that can be found anywhere in metro manila, you can easily see one on lrt stations or malls. Their siomai is better than Master Siomai's because it is meatier and bigger, also the gulaman is also my favorite since they serve it with lots of ice, they only serve pork siomai unlike

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jollibee Breakfast Hotdog

Where to Buy: Any Jollibee Store ( Breakfast Only )
Price: 48php ( Solo ) 58 ( Meal )

This is one of the best meal in Jollibee, the Jollibee Breakfast Hotdog Meal and it is only available during breakfast time. This is my favorite also because it's cheap and tasty, I think Jollibee kicks McDonald's butt in Breakfast rice meals, because McDonald's has only few rice meals to choose from. 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

McDonald's Hamdesal with Egg

Where to Buy: McDonald's ( Breakfast Item )
Price: 52php

McDonald's Hamdesal with Egg is much tastier compared to Jollibee's Sausage Egg Pandesal, but the price difference is too wide. Jollibee's Sausage Egg Pandesal cost only 35php compared to Mcdonald's Hamdesal with Egg for 52php. McDonald's has better quality in buns and everything but

Sunday, May 30, 2010

McDonald's Sausage McMuffin With Egg

Where to Buy: Any McDonald's Restaurant ( obviously )
Price: 52php ( ala carte)

Breakfast meals of Mcdonald's is never complete without this Sasauge McMuffin with Egg
I usually order this along with Large Orange Juice. This is one heavy

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Healthy Options : Diet Hansen's Tangerine Lime Soda

Where to Buy: Healthy Options
Price: 45php

If you want drink soda but still stay healthy then look no further! Hansen has a wide range of soda products that will quench your healthy thirst! 

This tastes like Sprite but with a hint of lemon.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Healthy Options : Hansen's Raspberry Soda

Where to Buy: Healthy Options
Price: 45php

If you want drink soda but still stay healthy then look no further! Hansen has a wide range of soda products that will quench your healthy thirst! 

I didn't like this Raspberry Soda because of the taste it is different from the raspberry drinks that I'm used to.

Healthy Options : Diet Hansen's Creamy Root Beer Soda

Where to Buy: Healthy Options
Price: 45php

If you want drink soda but still stay healthy then look no further! Hansen has a wide range of soda products that will quench your healthy thirst! 

I like this Diet Creamy Root Beer Soda because it really is like root beer, i thought it will taste like a fake root beer but it proved me wrong. 

Healthy Options : Diet Hansen's Kiwi Strawberry Soda

Where to Buy: Healthy Options
Price: 45php

If you want drink soda but still stay healthy then look no further! Hansen has a wide range of soda products that will quench your healthy thirst! 

I didn't like this Diet Kiwi Strawberry Soda because it doesn't taste like

Healthy Options : Diet Hansen's Black Cherry Soda

Where to Buy: Healthy Options 
Price: 45php

If you want drink soda but still stay healthy then look no further! Hansen has a wide range of soda products that will quench your healthy thirst! 

I like this Diet Black Cherry Soda because it taste nice with the bubbly soda feeling.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hotsilog ( Hotdog, Garlic Rice and Fried Egg )

( The picture above is just plain rice because they don't have garlic rice but they still call it Hotsilog )

Where to Buy: Any Carinderia near your Office or Home
Price: 28 to 75php ( depends on the restaurant )

Hotdog, Garlic Rice and Fried Egg, this is a very popular breakfast meal here in the Philippines. You can find plenty of restaurants selling this kind of meal, with some adding vegetables as addition to the main meal, this can also be seen in a typical household breakfast. Simple

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wild Ginger : Mixed Vegetable Curry

Where to Buy: Wild Ginger ( Rockwell Power Plant Mall branch )
Price: 150php

A healthy side dish of mixed vegetables in a very spicy curry, I didn't quite like this because of the very spicy sauce, I think the sauce overwhelmed the flavor of the 

Wild Ginger Pad Thai

Where to Buy: Wild Ginger ( Rockwell Power Plant Mall branch )
Price: 185php

The traditional flat noodle dish served with shrimp, tofu, chicken and spices plus a big lemon slice, their version is not too sweet because that's what is written on their menu. I really liked this dish because it has chicken and shrimp a great combination

Wild Ginger Beef Rendang

Where to Buy: Wild Ginger ( Rockwell Power Plant Mall branch )
Price: 245php

I really like Wild Ginger's Beef Rendang because the sauce is yummy and especially the beef, the beef was soft and chewy you can easily slice the beef. Rendang is 

Wild Ginger Pan-Fried Fish with Tom Yam Sauce

Where to Buy: Wild Ginger ( Rockwell Power Plant Mall branch )
Price: 275php

A delicious Pan-fried fish with semi-spicy Tom Yam Sauce, the fish is only small and I didn't quite like the sauce so I ate the fish without the sauce. The serving size is I think good for only 1 - 2 person but for me I think two orders of this is not enough hahaha =D, at first 

Wild Ginger Tofu Salad with Peanut Sauce

Where to Buy: Wild Ginger Restaurant ( Rockwell Power Plant Mall branch )
Price: 155php

This salad is very delicious compared to the usual salad, it doesn't have mayo instead they use Peanut Sauce which is sweet. The tofu and veggies are served fresh and the serving is big enough 

Friday, May 7, 2010

San Marino Corned Tuna

Where to Buy: Available at Supermarkets and Sari-Sari Stores Nationwide
Price: 29 - 32php

San Marino Corned Tuna is the new competitor of Century Tuna, I prefer San Marino over Century Tuna because it contains more tuna and the taste is better, I usually cook corned tuna by mixing it with scrambled egg so that it will have a richer taste. I don't understand why people compare corned tuna with corned 

Oyster Rice with Hot dog and Egg

Where to Buy: Masangkay St. ( in front of McDonald's Masangkay )
Price: 35php Oyster Rice with Hotdog
           8php Extra Egg
         13php Extra Hot Dog

This is a very famous meal in Masangkay area because of its cheap price and the serving is really huge, one bowl is enough for me, this is also a scary meal because it is very oily and salty. The rice is mixed with margarine and then cooked

Chowking Orange Chicken Lauriat

Where to Buy: Chowking
Price: 114php 

I recently tried Chowking's Oh!range Chicken, I ordered the Orange Chicken Lauriat and extra garlic rice with large iced tea, the orange chicken is sweet and delicious but I still prefer lemon chickens of original chinese restaurants. The serving is 

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jollibee Sausage Egg Pandesal

Where to Buy: Jollibee Fast food Restaurant ( Breakfast Item )
Price: 35php

This is a welcome addition to the breakfast menu of Jollibee if only it tasted good, the patty is tasteless its like eating air, the only thing i could taste was the pandesal and the scrambled egg. I wish they introduced something better and not a copycat kind of product. Mcdonald's

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Giniling with Rice

Where To Buy: Supra Restaurant ( Masangkay St. Sta Cruz Manila ) 
Price: 40php, 50php ( with rice )

This is one of my favorite food, diced potatoes and carrot plus grinded meat. It is hard to eat this without mixing it with rice, you might need to add other food when eating this because it is not heavy on the stomach. The taste is good and the price cheap. 

Bong's Eatery : Meatballs

Where to Buy: Bong's Eatery ( 1437 - 39 G.Masangkay St. Sta Cruz Manila )
Price: 35php

4 Pieces of tender juicy meatballs is enough to make your day, and meatballs at Bong's eatery is good although it is sometimes too salty. I used to eat here like everyday because they cook delicious filipino food here even though they are just a carinderia, they have a lot of customers too especially lunch time where you will find people lined up to order food, its like fastfood turo-turo style.
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