Friday, May 7, 2010

Chowking Orange Chicken Lauriat

Where to Buy: Chowking
Price: 114php 

I recently tried Chowking's Oh!range Chicken, I ordered the Orange Chicken Lauriat and extra garlic rice with large iced tea, the orange chicken is sweet and delicious but I still prefer lemon chickens of original chinese restaurants. The serving is 
as usual little with only 5 pieces of chicken meat, one thing that I noticed about my lauriat is that the noodle is now different, Chowking is now using those crispy noodles and I personally hate them. I didn't bother eating the noodle but instead ordered some siomai, maybe next time I will just order the orange chicken with rice only. I would recommend Chowking's Orange Chicken to anyone because it is cheap and taste good, a thumbs up for me =D

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