Thursday, November 18, 2010

KFC : Double Down

Where to Buy: KFC Fastfood Store
Price: 100php ( ala carte ) 115 ( w/ drink ) 135 ( sidings and drink )

Double Down! KFC newest sandwich that will make you crave for chicken everyday! this damn hard to get sandwich is almost always " sold out " in every KFC store in the metro. I got the chance to try it today and now I know why everybody wants a piece of this, two chicken fillet with cheese, bacon and mayo inside, if 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lan Zhou La Mien : Steamed Dumpling

Where to Buy: Lan Zhou La Mien ( Masangkay and Ongpin )
Price: 120 php

Lan Zhou La Mien sells only two things, noodles and dumplings, they have their own recipe for the noodles and dumplings. Currently I'm addicted to their steamed dumpling because it is very tasty and delicious, 15 pieces of mouth watering dumplings for the price of 120 php is cheap ( 8 pesos per dumpling ). Although I must warn you that their sauce for the dumplings kinda stink but still it is edible. hahaha =D

Jollibee : Jolly Hot Dog

Where to Buy: Jollibee Fast Food Store
Price: 42php ( ala carte )

Jollibee's Jolly Hot dog is a winner, it is one of their food item that stands out among other fast food restaurant, it is also affordable and the topping is just great ( cheese, mustard and ketchup ). The bun is soft a perfect compliment to the hot dog. They also have a regular hot dog which is plain hot dog and ketchup only. =D

Yummy Jolly Hot Dog waiting to be opened =D

Aloe Vera Juice

Where to Buy: Chinese Groceries ( Binondo Area )
Price: 55php ( 350ml ) 200php ( 1.5 Liter )

Little is known about this Aloe Vera Juice in the Philippines because you could only find it in selected Chinese groceries, It is a tasty and refreshing drink ( also good for the hair? I don't think so ).  Anyway when buying this bottled drink be sure to check the expiry date because some stores are still selling them even though it is already expired. =D

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kopi Roti : Kopi Bun

Where to Buy: Kopi Rotti
Price: 45php

When I first heard about expensive piece of flavored bread I thought it was a waste of money, but one time my officemate brought some of these in the office and I got to try one and it was really delicious! Kopi Bun is a coffee flavored bread with something inside ( i don't know what it is called ). The bread was really soft and fun to eat, but is it worth it? you bet it is! =D

McDonald's: Eight O'Clock Orange Juice

Where to Buy: McDonald's 
Price: 49php

McDonald's Orange Juice taste different than the powdered ones even though it is the same brand, its because their Orange Juice is in Syrup form and mixed with CO2 . I usually drink Orange Juice paired with McDonald's Sausage McMuffin with Egg or with their Pancakes. A great way to start the morning! =D

McDonald's: Apple Sprite Float

Where to Buy: McDonald's ( not available anymore )
Price: 25php

Sprite + Sundae + Green Apple Syrup = Apple Sprite Float

A nice refreshment on very hot day, affordable yet hip, I like apple  flavored drinks thats why when this was available in Mcdo I always order this. Too bad it is only seasonal... have to wait next year again if they will still sell this type of float.
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