Friday, May 7, 2010

Oyster Rice with Hot dog and Egg

Where to Buy: Masangkay St. ( in front of McDonald's Masangkay )
Price: 35php Oyster Rice with Hotdog
           8php Extra Egg
         13php Extra Hot Dog

This is a very famous meal in Masangkay area because of its cheap price and the serving is really huge, one bowl is enough for me, this is also a scary meal because it is very oily and salty. The rice is mixed with margarine and then cooked
with oil, afterwards the hot dog is chopped and place on top of the rice plus the cooked egg then they place the oyster sauce. I seldom eat this kind of stuff because of its ingredients but I like the toppings that you could choose to accompany the rice, you can choose from embutido, hot dog, longannisa, chicken and tocino.

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  1. what we do at home is saute the hotdog in oyster sauce then serve with hot rice :) I prefer to eat it though with bread :D


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