Saturday, December 11, 2010

KFC : BBQ Rods

Where to Buy : KFC
Price: 95 php ( meal )

KFC BBQ Rods was a great, it tastes very good together with the bbq sauce and java rice. The only problem is that the chicken bites are small, two order of this is still not enough for me. 

* update 10/18/11 - It's officially back!! I'm going to get some BBQ Rods!!! =D

Dunkin Donuts : Icy Coolers ( Grape )

Where to Buy: Dunkin Donuts
Price: ( I forgot )

Dunkin Donut's Icy Cooler is a great complement for any donut or breakfast sandwich, It is cheap and taste like those powdered drinks. I think they just mix powdered grape juice together with iced tea and they call it " Icy Coolers".

Dunkin Donuts : Ham and Cheese Bunwich

Where to Buy: Dunkin Donuts
Price: 38 php

Ham, Cheese and Bun, that is what the Dunkin Donuts compose of. I like the bun they used in their bunwich, it tastes great together with coffee or an icy cooler. Affordable breakfast for everyone to start the day right.

Cheese, Ham and Bun! That's It! =D

Yoshinoya : Green Iced Tea

Where To Buy: Yoshinoya Restaurant
Price: 30 php ( regular ) 35 php ( large )

Yoshinoya's Green Iced Tea is good, although their large size is not large enough. nuff said.

Yoshinoya : Jumbo Plate A ( Gyudon Beef and Chicken Teriyaki with Mixed Vegetables )

Where to Buy: Yoshinoya Restaurant
Price: 165 php

Jumbo Plate A of Yoshinoya is the only thing that I order because they have only a few items on their menu, you could even count their menu items using only your hand. The chicken teriyaki and the gyudon beef are just  so-so, they don't taste that great. The serving size is just right for one person but they say it is good for sharing. I prefer Tokyo Tokyo because they have more food items to choose from.
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