Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jollibee Sausage Egg Pandesal

Where to Buy: Jollibee Fast food Restaurant ( Breakfast Item )
Price: 35php

This is a welcome addition to the breakfast menu of Jollibee if only it tasted good, the patty is tasteless its like eating air, the only thing i could taste was the pandesal and the scrambled egg. I wish they introduced something better and not a copycat kind of product. Mcdonald's
is the first one to introduce the hamdesal in the breakfast menu here in the Philippines. The size of the sandwich is big compared to Mcdonald's hamdesal but the taste really sucks, although it is cheap I would recommend some other breakfast menu other than this one.


  1. hmm, so i wont try the jabbee pandesal? maybe one time itry ko, at comment ako ulit d2! :) hehe

  2. ahahaha cge try mu. =D kaso d tlga masarap. mcdo nlng. sausage mcmuffin with egg..

  3. thanks for the tip. i dont like mcdo's hamdesal all that much. it isnt really pandesal.. it tastes more like their regular burger bun but the top has crumbs on it like a pandesal. but the texture of the bread is not like pandesal. i still go for the sausage mcmuffin with egg. i wish they bring back the biscuits..

    it's a shame coz there's a jollibee outlet so close to my house. di bale na, may malapit na mcdo rin naman, pwede padeliver kahit anong liit ng order basta may patong na P40. =)

  4. haha yup. mcdo's hamdesal is not worth the price too. 52php!! I could order something else that's worth 52php. =D


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