Thursday, November 18, 2010

KFC : Double Down

Where to Buy: KFC Fastfood Store
Price: 100php ( ala carte ) 115 ( w/ drink ) 135 ( sidings and drink )

Double Down! KFC newest sandwich that will make you crave for chicken everyday! this damn hard to get sandwich is almost always " sold out " in every KFC store in the metro. I got the chance to try it today and now I know why everybody wants a piece of this, two chicken fillet with cheese, bacon and mayo inside, if 
you thought that buns were necessary for sandwiches... well think again! Double Down just removed the buns so that you can bite all the tasty chicken fillet. definitely worth your money and definitely worth the price! Genius! =D

Chicken, cheese, bacon and mayo!! p.s. this sandwich packs 540 calories per serving! =D

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