Sunday, November 14, 2010

Aloe Vera Juice

Where to Buy: Chinese Groceries ( Binondo Area )
Price: 55php ( 350ml ) 200php ( 1.5 Liter )

Little is known about this Aloe Vera Juice in the Philippines because you could only find it in selected Chinese groceries, It is a tasty and refreshing drink ( also good for the hair? I don't think so ).  Anyway when buying this bottled drink be sure to check the expiry date because some stores are still selling them even though it is already expired. =D


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  2. I am so addicted to the aloe juice!

  3. Yeah! aloe juice is great! but a little bit pricey!

  4. what is the size of the product? 1.5 L?

  5. 350ml for 50php. 1.5L for 200php


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