Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tokyo Tokyo : Red Iced Tea

Where to Buy : Tokyo Tokyo 
Price : Sumo 41.00
           Regular 32.00

I looooooooooooooove Tokyo Tokyo Red Iced Tea! =D one thing I noticed about great iced tea is that you have to create your own iced tea recipe! you cannot rely on those bottled and powdered iced tea all the time. Tokyo Tokyo Red Iced Tea is a great example! their iced tea cannot be matched by any powdered iced tea. it has a unique taste that makes people come back for more. =D want to know how they make these iced tea? 

Wendy's : Ice Tea

Where to Buy : Wendy's Hamburgers 
Price :   Medium  - 16oz. 43.00
             Large     - 20oz. 47.00
             Biggie    - 32oz. 64.00

Wendy's iced tea? haven't tried one? better do! They have the best tasting iced tea from all the burger stores in the Philippines. It is because they have their own secret recipe in making iced tea unlike other stores who depend only on Nestea or Lipton for their iced tea. The biggie size sure is huge but with iced tea that is so good you would ask for more! wanna know what's their secret ingredient in their iced tea? 

ChaTime Banawe Quezon City Philippines Menu

Click Image to Enlarge!
ChaTime now has a branch in the Philippines! it is located at 75 c Nicanor Roxas Street Banawe Quezon City, Metro Manila. They Serve Tea, Coffee, Milk Tea and Etc. I searched for their menu on the net but found nothing! so here I go posting their menu here for everyone to see! enjoy and have a great ChaTime!!! 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nestea : Four Seasons with Lychee Flavor

Where to Buy : Groceries... Etc.
Price : 15php 

Nestea Litro Pack is a budget friendly iced tea pack that lets you enjoy your favorite Nestea iced tea at home, in the office and on the go. One pack makes 1 liter or 4 glasses of these addictive iced tea, an alternative to the bottled iced tea and so much cheaper. So whenever you are thirsty you can simply buy a single pack and enjoy drinking your favorite iced tea unlike before you have no choice but to buy their 500 gram pack. One pack 

Nestea : Honey Lemon Real Leaf Tea

Where to Buy : Mini stop or 7/11
Price : 20 - 25php ( not sure of the exact price )

Nestea's Honey Lemon Real Leaf Tea is a great addition to the bottled iced tea competition, but the problem is that this iced tea is just too sweet, it is too sweeeeeeet, super sweeeeeeet. I don't think it needs to be that sweeeeeeet, but it is!! I like sweet iced tea but this exceeds the amount of sweetness that should be in an iced tea. Whenever I drink this I usually place a lot of ice just to dillute the sweetness. gaaah! too sweeeeet for me.  =D

Shakey's : Mojo's

Where To Buy : Shakey's Restaurant
Price : 90php ( Mojo's and Dip ) 220php ( basket of Mojo's )

The best thing about Shakey's is that they have the Mojo's! =D delicious potatoes that is very oily but tastes so good. I think almost everyone order Shakey's Mojo's whenever they dine here, it is also paired with their chickens especially in group meals. I personally don't like Shakey's pizza but when it comes to Mojo's it surely is a favorite. =D 
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