Friday, May 7, 2010

San Marino Corned Tuna

Where to Buy: Available at Supermarkets and Sari-Sari Stores Nationwide
Price: 29 - 32php

San Marino Corned Tuna is the new competitor of Century Tuna, I prefer San Marino over Century Tuna because it contains more tuna and the taste is better, I usually cook corned tuna by mixing it with scrambled egg so that it will have a richer taste. I don't understand why people compare corned tuna with corned 
beef? it's like comparing apple's with orange's. I believe that corned tuna is better than corned beef and it is also cheaper than corned beef but when it comes to taste you can't really compare the two because they are of different kind. One thing I noticed about the San Marino is that the chili corned tuna is color yellow while the non-chili is color red? this is confusing because last time I almost bought the chili one and I don't like eating spicy food. =D

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