Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hotsilog ( Hotdog, Garlic Rice and Fried Egg )

( The picture above is just plain rice because they don't have garlic rice but they still call it Hotsilog )

Where to Buy: Any Carinderia near your Office or Home
Price: 28 to 75php ( depends on the restaurant )

Hotdog, Garlic Rice and Fried Egg, this is a very popular breakfast meal here in the Philippines. You can find plenty of restaurants selling this kind of meal, with some adding vegetables as addition to the main meal, this can also be seen in a typical household breakfast. Simple
yet delicious and affordable, this is also my favorite breakfast especially before starting the day. I prefer the egg sunny side up and sometimes scrambled, the hot dog should be of good quality because there are those cheap brands of hot dog who taste too salty when you eat them.

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