Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bon Chon : Iced Tea

Where to Buy : Bon Chon Chicken Restaurant
Price : 28php ( regular ) 45php ( large) 
Option : original or lite

Bon Chon's Iced Tea tastes like Wendy's although the difference is that Bon Chon's iced tea has a medicine like after taste ( Wendy's iced tea is so much smoother ). You can choose the Lite version if you're health conscious or just scared of sugar. I prefer to drink this than soft drinks when eating at Bon Chon. =D

Bon Chon : Fish & Chips

Where to Buy : Bon Chon Chicken Restaurant
Price : P145 ( 3pcs with regular drinks )

Bon Chon definitely knows how to cook double fried chicken but they also have a knack for cooking up Fish! :)  

The Fish tastes so good like the chicken only it's fish inside. ( I hope you get it. ) . You can pair this with rice ( but I prefer eating it with fries... everything in the Philippines are paired with rice! people can't seem to eat their food here without rice. ) .

The only thing missing is the Dip! the fish tastes good because of the breading, adding a dip with different combination of flavors would be awesome =D
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