Sunday, March 28, 2010

Burger Mcdo

Where to buy: Mcdonald's Store
Price: 25php, 60php ( with regular fries and drinks )

The cheapest burger that you can order on Mcdonald's, the rival of regular yum of Jollibee. I like this burger because of its dressing, it taste sweet and the burger patty is not dry unlike the regular yum of Jollibee. The burger is one of the most ordered because of its price, but eating one burger mcdo is not enough to fill your hunger because of its relatively small size. I usually eat 3 or more of these burger mcdo when I'm hungry, they are like bite-sized to me hahaha. I believe that Mcdonald's has better quality burger than Jollibee, but Jollibee has better tasting chickens.
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