Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Salazar Bakery : Chicken Roll

Chiken Roll! Chicken Roll! Chicken Roll!
Where to Buy : Salazar Bakery
Price : P26 ( per piece ) P130 ( 6 piece box )

Chicken Roll! This used to be my pasalubong from my mom when she goes to ongpin, I would always eat two chicken roll because one is never enough. Delicious chicken with scrambled egg inside a soft bun, they aren't stingy with the filling so you could enjoy the whole bun. The Chicken Roll today is quite different from what it used to be, if I could remember correctly the egg wasn't scrambled and it taste a lot better.

KFC : Tower Burger

Even the Box is Big!! =D
Price : P110 ( ala carte ) P140 ( w/ reg. drink and reg. fries )

At first I thought the Tower Burger was two chicken fillet packed into one big burger, when they served the Tower Burger I was surprised to see the hash brown inside ( I thought someone misplaced the other chicken fillet and placed the hash brown instead ), but when I saw the side of the box, it was clearly written and in this order ( bun, mayo, lettuce, hash brown, cheese, chicken and bun ). I guess sometimes it's important to read the menu.

Anyway, the Tower Burger was good, it is big as expected but the weird thing is the hash brown! Personally I don't think the hash brown goes well with the chicken burger ( what were they thinking?? maybe next time they will also add the fries inside the burger, so you won't have to eat it separately ). I'd better stick to their good old Zinger or the Double Down. =D 

It's really jaw dropping... I had a hard time chomping on this.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Philippines : Original Glazed Doughnuts

Too Sweet! =D
Where to Buy : Krispy Kreme Philippines
Price : P 32 ( each ) P285 ( 1 dozen ) P545 ( 2 dozens )

Well words aren't really necessary to describe how sweet and how delicious Krispy Kreme Original Glaze Doughnuts are. =D You simply can't resist to eat this addictive doughnuts! =D

* Eating a dozen of this will make you fat!

Tasty Dumplings : Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice

Sweet n Sour Goodness. =D  
Where to Buy : Tasty Dumplings
Price : P113

Sweet and Sour Pork? nah... this is Sweet and Sour Chicken!! =D I usually prefer fish when eating a sweet and sour dish but this is a good alternative, sliced chicken and topped with the sauce looks great ( usually the fish/pork/chicken is swimming in the sauce and it's kinda messy because the sauce would seep into the rice and some people don't like their rice tasting like sweet n sour). The sauce is good together with the chicken, I really liked it! a must try!!! =D

* I thought Tasty Dumplings only sells good pork chop rice, this is good too! =D

Rufo's Famous Tapa : Lumpiang Shanghai

delicious prok spring rolls fried crispy golden-brown... I don't think so. 
Where to Buy : Rufo's Famous Tapa Restaurant
Price : P45

Cheap price Cheap taste, that's what you get with this lumpiang shanghai, I thought only Jollibee serves cheap tasting lumpiang shanghai, now there's two of them! the only thing that stands out here is the garlic rice and the cracker. >_<

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken : Double Chicken Burger

Looks Delicious but don't be DECEIVED!!!
Where to Buy : Peri-Peri Restaurant
                        SM Megamall Unit 323A, 3/F Bridgeway. Pasig City

                        SM Annex Ground Floor, SM Annex, North Edsa, Quezon City

Price : P168

Back in my old office ( at Pasig City ), I tried Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken Restaurant Double Chicken Burger which sounded so cool and delicious! waited a few minutes for my burger, when it was finally served it looked great! but the greatness lasted for only a few seconds.

The First bite on this burger made me realize that I'm into one hell of a dinner, the chicken is so hard ( it's like eating rock, maybe they should have given me a knife ), even harder is when you're chewing it. If I wasn't really hungry that time I would throw this away. >_<

Good Thing The Fries was there to save my Dinner... I almost cried eating this damn burger... 

7-Eleven (7-11) : Rice Meal Eggplant Omelet

Expensive Tasteless Breakfast!
Where to Buy : 7-Eleven Convenience Store 
Price : P39

Want to know how to start your morning wrong? try 7-Eleven's Rice Meal Eggplant Omelet! this tasteless and so small eggplant omelet will make you want to just go back to sleep hungry than eat. >_<

it doesn't look yummy too. =c 
* be sure to microwave this crap or else it will give your stomach a set of new problems to deal with.

Mang Inasal : Pork Sisig

Pork Sisig with Egg... >_<
Where to Buy : Mang Inasal Fast Food Restaurant
Price : P145  ( add P10 for Egg )

Mang Inasal is known for their chicken inasal and not for their sisig! I tried their sisig for the first time and good thing I didn't have high expectations or else I would have been disappointed, their sisig is not crunchy, it is good for 2 persons and they served it sizzling but after a few seconds it's already cold, it didn't even have enough heat to cook the egg. >_< I didn't even bother finishing it.

* Mang Inasal has the rice all you can eat, just order their PM meals.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Karate Kid : Special Takoyaki 4 Pieces

vegetable takoyaki isn't good at all!
Where to Buy : Karate Kid
Price : P42

Karate Kid's Takoyaki isn't so special after all... mainly because of the ingredients is mostly vegetable plus the dressing has a lot of mayonnaise. Great Takoyakis should be made from diced or full baby octopus! all I could taste was the mayo and I think they overloaded it with mayo! I have to remove some of the mayo first before eating it. >_< still it doesn't taste good, I should have ordered the California maki instead. =c

* Samurai Foods makes the great tasting takoyaki ever since they opened here in the Philippines.

7-Eleven ( 7/11 ) : Daily Bread Carrot-Raisin Bread 2's

Great for Breakfast! Daily Bread!
Where to Buy : 7-Eleven Convenience Store
Price : P19

I recently went on an all bread breakfast and I chose 7-Eleven's daily bread! I like their daily bread it's huge and thick, and you can eat it all by itself! ( although this will not last for long and will make you hungry in no time ).

* Pinoys prefer rice and pan de sal in their breakfast, usually with eggs and hotdogs. =D

Lucky Me! : Beef na Beef Flavor Instant Mami

Beef na Beef! =D
Lucky Me! Website

Where to Buy : Groceries
Price : P6.90

Lucky Me! is one of the oldest Instant Mami in the Philippines, I could still remember my mom cooking instant mami for me when I was a kid, the beef flavor is one of the original flavors aside from the chicken flavor. Today you could see as much as 20+ flavors of instant mami in the groceries.

I like their beef flavor but I prefer the chicken, I think almost everyone prefers the chicken flavor.

You cook this by boiling water first then placing the noodle and the flavoring, wait for 5 minutes or until the noodle is soft then place it in a bowl. You can also add eggs while cooking to make it tastier. =D

Tokyo Tokyo : Donburi Bowls Pork Katsudon

Delicious Pork Katsudon! Topped with scrambled egg!
Where to Buy : Tokyo Tokyo Japanese Fast Food Restaurant
Price : P85 ( ala carte )  P99 ( with regular drink )

Craving for Japanese food lately? Try Tokyo Tokyo's Donburi Bowls Pork Katsudon! A big breaded pork topped with scrambled egg is all you need to satisfy your cravings, though it won't really get you full because of the small serving size. The pork is delicious, you have to mix it with the scrambled egg to enhance the flavor. Itadikamasu! =D

Tasty Dumplings Menu Binondo Masangkay Ongpin

Click to View a Larger Image

Click to View a Larger Image
Branches :

620 Ongpin St. Binondo Manila

960 G.Masangkay St., Binondo Manila

583 H.S. Amoranto Ae. ( Retiro St.) Quezon City

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tokyo Tokyo : Donburi Bowls Chicken Oyakodon

Chicken Chunk and Scrambled Egg is Heaven on Earth. =D
Where to Buy : Tokyo Tokyo Japanese Fast Food Restaurant
Price : P85 ( ala carte )  P99 ( with regular drink )

Best Meal @ Tokyo Tokyo Ever! =D I hope they make this a permanent item in their menu! Delicious Chicken Mixed with Scrambled Egg!! this is so delicious and mouth-watering, the sauce is great too! the only problem is that the serving isn't big enough, there are only a few pieces of those chicken chunks, I had to order a second one just to fulfill my cravings, this is a two thumbs up for Tokyo Tokyo! =D

* Rice all you can at Tokyo Tokyo!

Wai Ying : Steamed Wanton

Where to Buy : Wai Ying Restaurant
Price : P130

I prefer Wai Ying's Steamed Wanton compared to the oily Fried Wanton! It's less oily and it tastes so much better, this is not on their menu but you could request to have the Fried Wanton be steamed instead. Good for sharing or you could just eat it alone. =D 

Santal : Italian Peach Iced Tea

Peachy Peachy but not Sweety. 

Where to Buy : Selected Groceries ( I think? )
Price : P25

The not so sweet Iced Tea from Italy that is being imported and sold here in the Philippines, the peach flavor is just fine. I still prefer drinking the sweet sweet iced tea of mine. =D

Century : Premium Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon Goodness! =D
Where to Buy : Groceries
Price : P101.30

Century Premium Pink Salmon's is for the health conscious, according to their website, it has the highest source of Omega 3 which is good for your heart. This is also a good source of protein and calcium, low in cholesterol and absolutely no preservatives. Imported from Alaska, guaranteed premium quality.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

North Park : Four Seasons

Four Seasons is a natural favorite!

Where to Buy : North Park Restaurant   North Park Menu
Price : P78

North Park's Four Seasons drink is a must order! they serve great tasting four seasons and they made it from fresh fruits unlike others who serve four seasons drink using canned juice drink. I usually order this first and have it served right away so I can drink it all up before the food arrives. =D

* the fruits in a four seasons drink may vary, you may ask the waiter to know what fruits did they use to make this drink. =D

* drink this cold!! or else if won't taste that good anymore.

North Park : Double Pork Rib with Rice

double pork rib? or double fats?

Where to Buy : North Park Restaurant   North Park Menu
Price : P151

A terrible double pork rib with rice from North Park, I couldn't see where they hid the pork rib and meat with all those skins and fats, the whole small serving is consist of skin and fats! this is definitely not worth your money. Better order something else next time. >_<

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