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Vikings : Guide and Review of Luxury-Buffet Restaurant Mall Of Asia

Vikings is located at San Miguel By The Bay, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Guide and Review of Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant Mall Of Asia


You have to reserve by phone very early to have a good table. If you are a walk in guest, they will most probably place you in the outdoor tables and you have to be there as early as 10am so that you can reserve a place, then you have to wait an hour before the restaurant opens.

The Place

The whole restaurant is big with lots of rectangular tables and some round ones in front, they have a function room for large people and they also have an outdoor tables but with roof and ceiling fans.

The interior is very nice, but doesn't really feel much like a viking to me, the buffet table is designed to look like a viking boat, the buffet area could get really crowded on peak hours.

A mini map I created! hope this helps to find your way around. =D
Click to view a larger Image!

The Food

The food here is quite ordinary but there is a huge selection to choose from, namely Chinese, Japanese, American and Filipino dishes, the service is slow especially
to the most sought after food items that you have to wait just to get a few pieces. >_<

Chinese  - hakaw ( ha gao ), sharks fin dumpling, siomai, cuapao, crab, shrimp, oyster, peking duck, fish in bean curd and some shabu shabu on sticks.

I would recommend the sharks fin dumpling and their siomai, their hakaw is so small and doesn't taste that good. The hakaw and peking duck is always the first one to go and you have to wait a few minutes before they could refill it, the oyster would need 20 - 30 minutes before it can be served to you.

Japanese - a huge variety of multi-colored maki, sushi, tempura, Japanese fried rice, yakitori and miso soup.

Their tempura is small but not covered in too much batter, they only cook 8 to 10 pieces of tempura at a time, so people line up just to get a few pieces plus there are shitty greedy people who will grab all the cooked tempura in just one go, so if I were you get the tempura as soon as you start dining here. The maki is just acceptable nothing fancy aside from the different kinds and colors that you can choose from.

American - The mini burgers, beef and lamb are the only american dishes that I saw when eating here.

I only ate a few beef and lambs, didn't even try the burgers because I don't think it's their specialty.

Filipino - They have the lechon, paella rice, paella pasta, calamares.

I didn't try the lechon but I really like the calamares even though they serve very thin calamares, my favorite dipping is the lemon mayo the other is garlic mayo.

The Salad

Salad is almost the same as others, lettuce and the works. Create your salad and enjoy. =D

Be careful of the Devilish Egg!!! it almost made me puke!! ewww..

The Drinks

Their soft drinks are Pepsi, Mountain dew, 7 Up and root beer ( I forgot the name ), they also have juices like mango, four seasons, dalandan, orange and pineapple, the only shake they have is the mango shake and can be found near the dessert section or you could just order from the waiters, the other drinks are iced tea, San Miguel beer and coffee.

The mango shake is the must try among all the drinks, don't even bother drinking the mango juice. =D

The Desserts

The usual cakes , ice creams and fancy sweet things in little glass cup, there is also the halo halo and the yogurt which tastes really good!! the yogurt toppings are ( crushed oreo's, coco crunch, tiny marshmallow, crushed graham and mini m&m's ). They also have the common fresh fruits and the Filipino kakanin.

The yogurt is as sour as a real yogurt could get. =D I like the cakes too, I think it's red ribbon? not sure! Their dessert area is the Wonderland of sweet tooth and dessert lovers! =D



                                Lunch               Dinner
Adult                        P688                P888
Children(3ft. to 4 ft.) P288                P388

                                 Breakfast          Lunch           Dinner
Adult                          P388               P888             P888
Children(3ft. to 4 ft.)   P188               P388             P388

75 years old and above will have 50% Discount, Children(below 3ft.) FREE.
Prices are inclusive of Government Taxes and subject to 5% service charge.

Contact Information
846-3888 / 846-4888 / 846-5888

Store Hours
Everyday 10:00am - 12:00mn


I didn't bother taking pictures of the food and place because there were too many people, if you want to see some pics go here.

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  1. We're going to Mall of Asia maybe before January end and I will try to eat on this interesting restaurant so that we can taste the food. Thanks for sharing it.


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