Thursday, July 28, 2011

McDonald's : New English Muffin

I HATE the New English McMuffin of Mcdo, it doesn't taste good or anything, it literally destroyed the whole breakfast experience at Mcdo, I used to love eating all those Sausage McMuffin with Egg, Big Breakfast Muffin and the Egg McMuffin. Those golden days are now gone.... let us welcome this piece of crap, tastless, hard, doesn't even look appetizing, it even made the Sausage McMuffin look smaller!! I can't understand why they have to change this? it was the best part of their breakfast items, couldn't they just left the McMuffin alone?!? and introduce something new without changing it?! 

Help me Bring back the Good Old McMuffin Back!! Throw this piece of crap away!


  1. totally agree.... i now order the big breakfast or the 2pc pancake with sausage... this english muffin sucks...

  2. i agree!!! i drove thru mcdonalds awhile ago and ordered their egg mcmuffin. when i saw the bread i immediately drove back and complained. The manager said it's their new english muffins from thailand!!! i hate it!! ruined my morning.

  3. I was also surprised when I ordered for a big breakfast with muffins. The "english muffins" does not look anywhere close to the picture on the menu board and it does not come even close to the old muffins that McDonald's used to serve.

    I guess McDonald's Phils is just following the standards for muffins that are being served in other countries but for me, the new "english muffin" sucks. =(

  4. I totally agree, Goodbye to good old breakfast at Mcdo... :'c

  5. The product quality of McDonald's here in the Philippines is not in par with other McDonald branches in the US, or even in other Asian countries. I also found out that the McDonald's here in Cebu city order their buns from a bakery that is not of good quality. No wonder the buns are not warm and soft and it doesn't entice my appetite. And they usually use plastic instead of a paper bag, and due to this there is more moisture accumulated, thus lowering down the quality of the fries.

    I have said those things because I have been to other McDonald branches in other countries, and I can say the product quality is not above satisfactory.

  6. Who is the idiot behind this change? It made things worse. Whatever cost they save (if ever...) will be useless because there will be no more revenue since no one will buy it anymore.

    IDIOTS! I hate them for messing with this. They have to bring the old muffin back. That bread was perfect. The new one is really bad.


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