Sunday, July 24, 2011

McDonald's : Filet O Fish Burger

Something Fishy Inside! =D
Price : P90 ( ala carte )
          P112 ( with small fries and regular drink )
          P132 ( with medium fries and medium drink )

McDonald's Filet O Fish is a small fish burger made from mostly Alaskan pollock and/or hoki, steamed buns, tartar sauce, cheese and the fish patty is what this burger is all about! =D Too bad in a country where people eat more chicken than any other meat or seafood, this has become one of the neglected burgers, only few people order this, I myself would rather eat something else, partly because this burger doesn't taste much without the dressing, it cost more and won't make you feel full, also you have to eat this right away when served, don't let it go cold it could or will give you a stomach ache when eaten cold. 

the neglected burger... =c

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