Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cerchio Grill and Lounge : Cool As Cucumber

Ain't it cool? minty cool! =D
Where to Buy : Cerchio Grill and Lounge
                        76 Sct. Limbaga, Tomas Morato
                        Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: (63 2) 355-0998, (63 2) 351-5279
Price : P95

This is Cerchio's signature drink! lime, cucumber and mint mixed together into a cold refreshing drink, it taste kinda like a lime drink but with a hint of mint and cucumber, the ice makes this drink cold and the mint made it taste like icy cold! you should order this instead of the usual soft drink or iced tea! you won't be disappointed! I Heart This Drink!! Very Cool Cucumber!!! =D

* Cerchio means circle in Italian, you could see a lot of circles in the interior design of the restaurant.

* The place looks great and expensive but don't be deceived, their food is really affordable.

* You can see the pictures of the restaurant here.

* Cerchio is put up by the same owners of Romulo Cafe.

* Their service is really good too, they have enough waiters to accommodate people. =D

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