Sunday, July 24, 2011

Serenitea : Exciting Mango Yakult

not your ordinary cup of tea!

Where to Buy : Serenitea 
Price : P80 ( small )  P100 ( large )
For Delivery : 474-4725 ( RP-Manila branch )

Recently I tried Serenitea's Exciting Yakult Mango Yakult! 500ml of delicious mango flavored yakult, but the dominant taste is the yakult, the mango flavor is very subtle. You must drink this very cold and very fast too, because the mixture will start to separate as soon as it can and you have to mix it with the straw before drinking. I think the 500ml is too much for one person haha

* it took Serenitea's RP branch 3 hours to deliver to our office which is in binondo
* Aside from tea, Serenitea is also famous for their yakult drinks. =D
* The pic above has no sinkers, I don't like pearls.
* sorry for the blurry pic, forgot to bring my digicam.

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