Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hi today I will be talking about ice, these are the ones that we place on our drinks to make them cooler  and taste better, ice comes in different shapes and sizes ( round, cylindrical and cube ) although the most important factor is the quality of the ice. 

here is the difference between the quality of ice

1. The Best Quality - ice that are so cold and hard and big are the best of them all, since it can make the drink cool faster and it will not dissolve quickly. Bigger ice = Better and Longer cooling.

2. The Normal Quality - ice that are cold but comes in small size, these kinds of ice are easy to dissolve so you have to drink your beverages faster.

3. The Weak Quality - ice that have not yet reached the freezing point, these kinds of ice are a waste they not only dissolve fast, they also destroy your drink because it will not make it cooler. It will only dilute the drinks.

Ice has been part of our daily life here in the Philippines, because of the hot weather, we usually sip drinks that has plenty of ice. It not only makes us feel cooler, it also makes the drink more satisfying.

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