Friday, April 9, 2010

The Best Coke

There are different kinds of Coke in the Philippines ( bottled, canned, plastic bottle and dispensed ). They may seem to have the same content but they differ in taste. People here in the Philippines usually buy bottled coke because of its cheap price.

Here is the list of Coke in the Philippines:

1. Coke in Can - This is the best type of Coke for me although it is expensive, the taste is always good especially when served very cold, I like drinking cold Coke and adding ice to make sure it remains cold. This is usually found in restaurants or groceries.

2. Coke in Dispenser - This is the second best type of Coke, this taste different than those in bottled or canned coke. It especially taste good when the Coke syrup is new. This is usually found in fast food restaurants.

3. Coke in Plastic bottle - This is the third best type of Coke, this comes in 500ml, 1.5 liter and 2 liter. I seldom buy this type of Coke, because it comes in big sizes and will only let you overindulge which is bad for your health. This is usually found in groceries.

4. Bottled Coke - This is the worst type of Coke, the taste varies for this type of Coke, sometimes the taste is acceptable but usually the spirit of the Coke is already gone. This is usually found in small stores or karinderia.

I personally would recommend the canned Coke even though it is much expensive. And remember the best way to drink Coke is by drinking it Cold! =D

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