Thursday, April 1, 2010

Masuki Chicken Noodle

Where to buy: Masuki ( 931 Benavidez St., Binondo )
Price: almost 100php ( to be updated )

If you ever been to binondo you should try eating at Masuki. Chinatown's Best Mami and Siopao only at Masuki, the mami house is established in 1930's and was called Ma Mon Luk but later changed into Masuki. The noodle is very good especially the sauce, one big bowl of noodle can easily satisfy your hunger. The siomai there are rather large compared to other chinese restaurant, also the siopao is huge.

The price is affordable because one order of noodle is enough to get you full. The place has been renovated but the chairs are still those old one's, they still don't have air-conditioning after all these years hahaha. I will upload pictures of their siomai and siopao next time, so if you ever want to eat great noodles or just want to practice using your chopsticks visit Masuki mami house.

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