Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sushi Yum : Tonkatsu ( Pork Cutlet )

Where to Buy : Sushi Yum Japanese Restaurant
                        829 Benavidez Street, Binondo, Manila
                        Store Hours 10:30am - 9pm Daily

For Deliveries : 242-7717 

Price : P120 ( rice included! ) add P30 for iced tea. add P25 for 2pc california maki. 

Sushi Yum! Their Tonkatsu is one of my favorite rice meal, you will starve just by looking at it, the breading is great plus the pork, it comes with a bowl of rice which is delicious too! ( the rice isn't cheap rice i think ). serving is just right for one person. I didn't like the sauce because it tastes like the ones being sold in the supermarket. For only 120php this is a great deal compared to other wanna be Japanese restaurant. =D

* Sushi Yum is the only Japanese restaurant in Binondo area ( since Yoshinoya closed down. ). 
* They serve Sushi, Rice Meals, Donburi, Teriyaki, Misono, Tempura, Ramen and More!

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