Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wai Ying : Lemon Chicken Rice

Lemon Goodness!
Where to Buy : Wai Ying Restaurant
Price : P130

When you look at Wai Ying's Menu, you will have a hard time looking for their lemon chicken rice ( confusing menu ), before I didn't even know that they have this, but good thing I asked the waiter about it and the rest is history.

Wai Ying's lemon chicken rice is breaded chicken, they serve the lemon sauce separate from the chicken so you have more controlling power on how much lemon sauce you want. The chicken is crunchy and perfect with the lemon sauce. =D


  1. This looks yummy! :) I love lemon chicken, so I'll definitely try this when I visit Wai Ying.

    Btw, I also blog mostly about food. Hope you can drop by my weblog when you get the chance. Thanks!

    Sumi of

  2. I love lemon chicken! And the price is actually reasonable. Will try this out soon.

    And hi, I'm Aileen! :) I'm also a food blogger and I'd love it if you could check my site out:


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