Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bon Chon : Chicken ( Spicy and Garlic )

I Heart Bon Chon Chicken!!!! 
Where to Buy : Bon Chon Chicken Restaurant
Price : P145 ( 2pc with regular drink )

Bon Chon Chicken is here in the Philippines! and they are expanding fast!! =D I just can't get enough of eating Bon Chon chicken! delicious and tasty that will make you come back for more. =D

Spicy Chicken - The spicy chicken is too spicy for me, I was sweating all over while eating it so I decided to remove the skin, all that's left was the tasteless chicken meat. >_<

Garlic Chicken - This is the less spicy and more acceptable chicken for me, damn it's so delicious, I could eat more than 5 pieces of these ( yes the chicken parts are small. ) =D

Plate - The silly plate is so small, you will have a hard time eating on their plate. There's no room for mistake or another chicken. ( better bring your own plate ).

* Mcdo and Jollibee Beware!!! Here comes your doom or Just another fad that will last a few years... we'll see! =D


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