Tuesday, August 30, 2011

KFC : Tower Burger

Even the Box is Big!! =D
Price : P110 ( ala carte ) P140 ( w/ reg. drink and reg. fries )

At first I thought the Tower Burger was two chicken fillet packed into one big burger, when they served the Tower Burger I was surprised to see the hash brown inside ( I thought someone misplaced the other chicken fillet and placed the hash brown instead ), but when I saw the side of the box, it was clearly written and in this order ( bun, mayo, lettuce, hash brown, cheese, chicken and bun ). I guess sometimes it's important to read the menu.

Anyway, the Tower Burger was good, it is big as expected but the weird thing is the hash brown! Personally I don't think the hash brown goes well with the chicken burger ( what were they thinking?? maybe next time they will also add the fries inside the burger, so you won't have to eat it separately ). I'd better stick to their good old Zinger or the Double Down. =D 

It's really jaw dropping... I had a hard time chomping on this.


  1. pass! id prefer a regular & healthier burger. haha

  2. KFC's tower burger was delicious! i can't bite into it though. so i eat it with a fork and knife. hehe

  3. hahaha you could squeeze it to fit. =D


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