Monday, August 29, 2011

Tasty Dumplings : Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice

Sweet n Sour Goodness. =D  
Where to Buy : Tasty Dumplings
Price : P113

Sweet and Sour Pork? nah... this is Sweet and Sour Chicken!! =D I usually prefer fish when eating a sweet and sour dish but this is a good alternative, sliced chicken and topped with the sauce looks great ( usually the fish/pork/chicken is swimming in the sauce and it's kinda messy because the sauce would seep into the rice and some people don't like their rice tasting like sweet n sour). The sauce is good together with the chicken, I really liked it! a must try!!! =D

* I thought Tasty Dumplings only sells good pork chop rice, this is good too! =D

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