Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mang Inasal : Pork Sisig

Pork Sisig with Egg... >_<
Where to Buy : Mang Inasal Fast Food Restaurant
Price : P145  ( add P10 for Egg )

Mang Inasal is known for their chicken inasal and not for their sisig! I tried their sisig for the first time and good thing I didn't have high expectations or else I would have been disappointed, their sisig is not crunchy, it is good for 2 persons and they served it sizzling but after a few seconds it's already cold, it didn't even have enough heat to cook the egg. >_< I didn't even bother finishing it.

* Mang Inasal has the rice all you can eat, just order their PM meals.

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