Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nestea : Four Seasons with Lychee Flavor

Where to Buy : Groceries... Etc.
Price : 15php 

Nestea Litro Pack is a budget friendly iced tea pack that lets you enjoy your favorite Nestea iced tea at home, in the office and on the go. One pack makes 1 liter or 4 glasses of these addictive iced tea, an alternative to the bottled iced tea and so much cheaper. So whenever you are thirsty you can simply buy a single pack and enjoy drinking your favorite iced tea unlike before you have no choice but to buy their 500 gram pack. One pack 
for me is good for 2 days, so more or less 8 pesos per day. Great for those who are in a tight budget but still wants to enjoy great tasting iced tea. two thumbs up for Nestea! =D

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