Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wendy's : Ice Tea

Where to Buy : Wendy's Hamburgers 
Price :   Medium  - 16oz. 43.00
             Large     - 20oz. 47.00
             Biggie    - 32oz. 64.00

Wendy's iced tea? haven't tried one? better do! They have the best tasting iced tea from all the burger stores in the Philippines. It is because they have their own secret recipe in making iced tea unlike other stores who depend only on Nestea or Lipton for their iced tea. The biggie size sure is huge but with iced tea that is so good you would ask for more! wanna know what's their secret ingredient in their iced tea? 

Actually their secret ingredient is not so secret after all, it is just plain old calamansi that makes this iced tea way better than others. =D cheers!

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