Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shakey's : Mojo's

Where To Buy : Shakey's Restaurant
Price : 90php ( Mojo's and Dip ) 220php ( basket of Mojo's )

The best thing about Shakey's is that they have the Mojo's! =D delicious potatoes that is very oily but tastes so good. I think almost everyone order Shakey's Mojo's whenever they dine here, it is also paired with their chickens especially in group meals. I personally don't like Shakey's pizza but when it comes to Mojo's it surely is a favorite. =D 


  1. this is what I like from Shakey's aside from the thin crust pizza!

  2. I really love potatoes, I haven't tasted this yet but will try it out next week.

    Never pa ako nakatikim ng pizza sa shakey's and their best sellers. hahaha. Kadalasan kasi pizza hut and yellow cab kami.


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