Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nissin : Yakisoba Savory Beef with Real Vegetables

Where to Buy : Groceries and Convenience Stores
Price : P22.50 ( Groceries )

Nissin Yakisoba didn't taste that great, it is too bland for me and the noodle is so few. The packaging is nice but the contents lack flavor. 


  1. at first we were impress with nissin yakisoba savory beef with real vegetables,because it has nice packaging and affordable price,but with a great surprise...after cooking the pancit canton,we were soooo shocked when we let our 2year old niece ate it,the kid saw the pancit canton with a Stainless SPRING that we didn't expected to be in the package as well.Thank God our niece was that very cautious with what she ate,she noticed that thing inside her mouth and got almost killed if she happens to ate it.BIG BOOOOOO to the packaging dept.of NISSIN yakisoba and to the productions as well...such a big negligence!hope this won't happen to anyone no more...such a shame!


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