Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lan Zhou La Mien : Beef La Mien

Where to Buy : Lan Zhou La Mien ( Masangkay and Benavidez )
Price : P110

819 Benavidez Street, Binondo Manila
Contact Number: (+632) 480-0732

The noodle house in Binondo that sells only noodles and dumplings. The beef la mien is the one I usually order , the beef bits are soft and chewy and their noodle is ok but it was kind of hard to eat because you have to really chew the noodle, the serving is big with lots of noodle soup. One thing I
didn't like is that the restaurant doesn't have ice and the lack of cleanliness in the store, almost all the diners here are Chinese but there are also a few Pinoys.

* their noodles are hand made, you can actually see how they make the noodle.
* they have only 1 kind of noodle soup for all their noodles.

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