Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mine Shine : Finest Quality Milk Tea

Milk Tea I Love =D

Where to Buy: 7/11 or Chinese Groceries
Price : 40php ( 7/11 ) 

If you want bottled Milk Tea then look for Mine Shine Finest Quality Milk Tea! =D This product is imported from Taiwan ( there are Chinese characters written in the label, it doesn't look cheap like the one's from China ). Comparing it to other non bottled milk tea's out there, this could really stand out among the rest. Although the secret in drinking this great milk tea is that you have to make sure you drink it cold... very cold... like stored in the freezer for 30 minutes or so. When chilled or warm the taste differs greatly, I wouldn't drink this if it isn't ice cold. =D Affordable Milk Tea at it's Finest!


  1. gotta agree. this is so yummy. but must be super cold!!

  2. I tried this today because i had read a lot of people raving about it and I myself love milk tea but i was really disappointed by this. you’re right, it’s semi-sweet bordering on bland i would just call it BLAND. It tastes like it had been diluted A LOT. I really wouldn’t buy it again. I actually recently tried C2′s milk tea and it was a lot tastier (too bad the only size available as of now is really small).


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