Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CYMA : Hirine Brizola ( Grilled Pork Chop )

3/4 inch thick tender bone-in served with your choice of rice stuffed peppers or Greek roasted potatoes
Where to Buy : CYMA Restaurants
Price : P450

Two pieces of thick pork chop goodness that is what Hirine Brizola is all about! with pork chop this big and delicious you can just forget about the  side dish, it comes with lemon so you have to shower it first with lemon then slice it and eat! =D the meat is cooked really well, you can easily bite into it and chew away. =D I really love this pochaaaaap! =D

Thanks Thanks Kimmieeepot for the Bday Treat! <3

* a little bit pricey but worth every peso you spend!
* CYMA is a greek inspired restaurant.


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